Rhayader Church in Wales Primary School have developed their curriculum for wales for September 2022.  The staff have experimented with teaching ideas, researched good practice in pilot schools, worked with cluster schools and received good quality training for the 4 purposes, 6 Areas of Learning Experiences and What Matters Statements which have informed the Curriculum for Rhayader.

‘Our Curriculum at Rhayader Church in Wales Primary School’ which gives an overview of our school curriculum ready for September 2022.  The summary can be viewed here  Rhayader Curriculum Summary July 2022


The school involved stakeholders in 2021 working with us to design ‘Our vision at Rhayader Church in Wales Primary School’.  Rhayader Vision


Rhayader Church in Wales Primary School leaders work together to analysis our school performance data and Impact Assessment Sheets completed by our Learning Teams, we then compile the Self Evaluation Report that informs the annual School Development Plan.  The Self Evaluation Report (SER) is written by staff and governors in a self evaluation workshop.

The School Development Plan priorities are agreed following the SER workshop and then is discussed with the school improvement advisor to ensure the school is addressing areas that need improvement.

The plan is reviewed regularly and changes to the document may be made during the year.


Please click here to see our current SDP

SDP-21 -22


Due to Covid, some areas of the SDP have not taken place however the school is looking to continue the work during the Summer Term.

Each team of staff have a responsibility for an Area Of Learning Experience (AoLE).  The team prepares their own action plan which is shared with all staff on the school internal drive.  Please see a member of staff if you would like to know more about individual AoLE progress.